Heidi Aven, leder SHE Community og Christin E. Bøsterud, CEO, EY Norge.

We are living in a rapidly changing world. We know that we all must adapt, learn and strive to become better. To do better!

World Economic Forum has estimated that it will take two centuries for women around the world to experience full economic parity, if we continue in the same pace as today. Furthermore, according to the 2019 International Labour Organization report on women in business, there has been a steady trend of women filling the ranks in companies all over the world the last two decades. Yet, in 60 percent of companies, women hold less than 30 percent of management and leadership positions. We need to do better!

There are many stakeholders on the journey to gender equality: spanning from the women themselves; society as such and the corporate world. We want to support and motivate the corporate world to embark on the changes needed, striving for gender equality.

The SHE Index powered by EY is a catalyst for encouraging stakeholders to focus on gender balance in leadership and workforce, equal compensation, and work life balance, thus, promoting gender equality in general. Numbers don’t lie. What can be measured, can also be changed. By joining the Index, companies have taken an important step in being a part of the journey towards gender equality. Even though we have seen a significant increase in companies joining the Index, we encourage more to do so.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Be a part of the change you want to see!

Christin E. Bøsterud, CEO, EY Norway
Heidi Aven, CEO & Founder, SHE Community