Why leave it up to the men?

Thina Margrethe Saltvedt is the chief analyst in the department of sustainable finance in Nordea. She is a member of the Climate Advisory Board of the Minister of Environment, and she is a board member of the environmental organization ZERO.

Previously she worked for ten years as a chief analyst for macro/petroleum in Nordea Markets. She has also worked in the Norwegian National Bank within the area of Financial stability. Saltvedt has a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) and a general Master of Science (MSc) degree in International Business from the University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), Great Britain. 

Salvedt is deeply engaged in creating a sustainable future of business in Norway. — We already know what needs to be done. However, the short-term return that you receive from fossil companies, are still adequately satisfactory for a lot of people that want to earn a buck. 

Saltvedt believes that women have to get more engaged in creating the business of tomorrow, in shaping the future. — We absolutely need to have more women working in Finance. The access and control of capital, is what equals power, explains Saltvedt. 

Saltvedt believes that women have to be involved in deciding where our national capital should be invested, in which companies and in what sectors. This way women can be a part of influencing the future. — There is absolutely no reason why we should leave this task to men, says Saltvedt.