We’re not there yet

We have come a long way, but we are not at our destination just yet

We’ve come a long way, but men and women still aren’t equal. Inequality persists and so does the efforts of people fighting it. 

Why do we still need gender diversity conferences and communities?

The World Economic Forum’s annual Global Gender Gap report, which gives a snapshot of the progress, or regression, in the worldwide fight for gender equality, always makes for sobering reading. Historically it hasn’t measured a consistent trend toward equality: in 2018 the overall gap between men and women widened significantly, and grew even wider in 2019.

Europe’s largest diversity conference, the SHE Conference 2020, is one of the continued efforts in fighting this inequality. It ensures that equality stays on top of the agenda, by bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers and global leaders to take action in creating a sustainable future and innovative business. 

Equality – it’s not just fair, it’s profitable!

Closing the gap will not just benefit women. Equality is beneficial for the whole society, both in economic and social terms. We all win when women have a seat at the tables in business and politics. 

Christin E. Bøsterud, Managing Partner at EY Norway, summarised the benefits with the following: “There is a lot of research showing that women in management leads to better financial results. … I strongly believe that a better factual basis and greater transparency in this area can help motivate business and industry to move in the right direction.”

It’s a hard truth: The workplace is still not a level playing field

But in this unique cultural moment, women and their allies are opening up new dialogues and taking bold steps to improve their lives and livelihoods. Dialogue and the exchange of ideas and experience is also taking place at the SHE Conference 5th March at Oslo Spectrum. 

The SHE Conference provides the opportunity to address the global efforts to increase a more diverse workforce, promote more female leadership, number of entrepreneurs and financial inclusion- and investment in diverse enterprises according to the UN 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development.

We have come a long way in our fight for equality. But we must do better. There are strong human rights and moral reasons for improving social inclusion. But there is also a critical economic imperative. Everyone will gain from a more inclusive and diverse society, and everyone should thus come together in the fight for it. 

“Come join the SHE Conference and let’s exchange our experiences and expand our network across industries for a more equal tomorrow.”, Heidi Aven Founder and CEO of the SHE Conference.