The SHE Conference is Us

What is SHE?

SHE not only identifies as a female gender being, it also gives its name to an event where to talk and act about gender equality in business: the SHE Conference, the largest event on gender diversity in Europe!

Save the date, because the next one is scheduled at Oslo Spektrum on March 5, 2020.

Job distribution between genders all over the world remains unbalanced and it is mainly men holding leading roles and creating start-ups. There is an overall need to improve women’s positions in business, promote more female leadership and more female entrepreneurs as well as their financial inclusion.

Why the SHE Conference?

For very many reasons:

• Inspiring the global community

• Sharing cases, practices and examples: 70 speakers and 7 different stages

• Creating a platform for networking: 2600 people attending from all over the world

• Creating connections between branches and industries with no borders

• Assessing how the current situation is about gender equality in business all over the globe

SHE was created by Heidi Aven in 2014. Heidi found herself in a male-dominated business and as the only woman in leading groups. Her goal is to show both men and women the importance of gender equality in business, at all levels, especially in top management and leading positions.

Who will you find at the SHE Conference?

First of all, EVERYBODY is invited. The SHE community is all of us. 

You will have the opportunity to meet and connect with executives, policy makers, industry experts, innovators, investors, entrepreneurs, global leaders and political activists.

Last but not least: 

The Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg and the Norwegian Minister of Finance, Siv Jensen will be there.

EVERYBODY will be there for the same reason: To connect and create partnerships to strive for a more diverse workforce. The future belongs to all of us and in order to make changes we have to join forces.

Why should you become member of the SHE Community?

Equal opportunities are not a topic that can be discussed once a year. The SHE Conference is indeed part of the SHE Community, a very active platform offering big networking possibilities.

By becoming a partner, you can exchange ideas and create partnerships and relationships within a vast basin of contacts equally committed to securing a more balanced and equal future.

Our members can access many services, such as executive coaching, workshops, exclusive events, operative tools to improve the diversification of your business, recruitment of talents and even the app Brella that allows you to organize one-on-one meetings.

So: “Why shouldn’t you join?” 

See you there, both at SHE Conference and in SHE Community, take a step and… Let’s close the gender gap in business!