SHE Conference is the Place to Be

It’s been six years since the first SHE Conference was launched, and it just keeps getting better! 

The sixth edition of SHE Conference will be jam-packed with leaders, politicians, businesses, scholars, entrepreneurs and individuals; all eager to share their insights, learn from each other and come up with innovative solutions to the gender equality issues that we are faced with today!

Get inspired!

“We want our members and participants to not only gain new knowledge and learn from each other’s experiences, but to also feel empowered to take action and drive change!” says Heidi Aven, Founder and CEO of SHE Community. 

At this year’s conference, we’ve invited a number of inspiring and insightful speakers to come and tell us about their experiences and perspectives on gender equality and diversity in today’s society. These speakers come from various backgrounds, and their experiences and learnings on this topic ranges from politics, to business, to humanitarian and societal issues. 

With the help of these speakers, we seek to inspire minds and give people the confidence they need to act in favour of an open and inclusive society.

What can you expect at this year’s SHE Conference?

There will be 70 different speakers at this year’s conference, all with something unique to bring to the table. In other words, you’ll find something for everyone! Here’s a sample:

Gro Harlem Brundtland – Former prime minister of Norway, Director-General Emeritus, World Health Organization

There is no doubt that Gro Harlem Brundtland has been a trailblazer for our cause! As Norway’s first female prime minister, Gro held her position for 10 years, and has since held highly influential positions in the World Health Organisation and the United Nations. Her experience as the first female leader in Norway and the challenges she has had to overcome are undoubtedly jaw-droppingly inspirational!

Dr Leyla Hussein OBE – Founder of The Dahlia Project and Magool, Psychotherapist

Leyla Hussein is an award-winning social activist and psychotherapist. Leyla is the founder of the Dahlia Project, dedicated to supporting survivors of female genital mutilation (FGM) as well as an international lecturer and global speaker on gender rights. In a 2018 interview with the Financial Times, Leyla stated that “I guess I’ve become the black, Muslim, feminist woman who writes and talks about sex and patriarchy — which is quite a rare thing.” As a key expert on this issue, Layla has a lot of knowledge and learnings from her campaigns and initiatives to share at the conference, and will be a great contributing voice to our discussions. 

Christin E. Bøsterud – Country Managing Partner, EY Norway

Christin stated in an interview with Dagens Næringsliv, shortly after being appointed Country Managing Partner, that she has “problems with staying silent, and am not afraid to brave a storm”. In a competitive industry like consulting and advisory, Christin has managed to stake her claim and rise to the top. She works to promote diversity and inclusion and founded the Women.3 mentoring program for current and potential future leaders.