11 Feb
Hands on Investing
09:00-15:24 2700,-
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Hands on Investing

Hands on is a new program by SHE invests, which is an extended course following Learn to Invest. You have to be a SHE Alumni to attend this course.

We will be forming smaller Angel Networks and connect female investors with each other. In order to attend this course it is required that you have skills in finance, legal marketing, sales or that you have specific sector knowledge. There will be a mix of all ages and backgrounds to help potential customers and investors connect, and each group will no bigger than five people to ensure a good dynamic. You will set dates together, and meet 4- 5 times with a highly skilled, professional investor as a mentor for a through-out in-depth session. We will together practice and learn do due-diligence, and review potential prospect cases.

NOK 2700,- for five sessions. Apply today. For questions contact Jeanette: jeanette@shecommunity.no