For long, there has been an accepted, common way of thinking about the financial lives and capabilities of girls and women. Negative and demeaning messages perpetuated by the media and the financial services industry has been allowed to both spread, and manifest in society. Are women not interested in investing? Do they not like to take risks, and do they not have knowledge about financial matters? We believe these assumptions are false, and if we keep repeating the same inaccuracies about women’s actual capabilities and behavior about money: how can there be progress? 

Through our courses, programs, and networks built through attending our conferences and events we will provide you the needed knowledge in order to gain further independence, and more importantly: the confidence to make your own investments.

Women statistically take fewer financial risks than men, however they still achieve bigger profits in their stock- and fund portfolios. Women typically see a 25% profit at the Oslo Stock Exchange (Børsen), while their male counterparts only see a 18% profit. SHE Invests aim to create a safe space where you will get together with other women in your situation to evaluate, do due diligence and share experiences to gain the confidence to start investing.