About SHE

We aim to close the gender gap.

SHE Community strives to make businesses better. And by better we mean more diverse. Through events, conferences, study programs, and as a consulting partner to businesses, we aim to motivate for diversity and inspire for equality – for all people. SHE community consists of people who believe that diversity drives profitability and progress, and who works directly towards closing the gender gap.

The story of SHE

SHE Community was founded in 2014, by two enthusiastic women who wanted to do more for the current and coming generations. The first step? Focusing on the current situation and inspiring more women to become leaders and entrepreneurs. That step led to SHE Conference March 8th 2015. The conference became a huge success and expanded from 400 women and men in 2015 and 2016, to 1400 attendees in 2017. In 2018 we went bigger – five conferences at the same day; four smaller conferences with different themes, before closing everything up at night, for the main SHE Conference with 1400 attendees. On March 6th 2019 we gathered 2700 people at Oslo Spektrum and the goals for 2020 is even bigger, and greater. Will we see you there? Buy your ticket here: https://www.sheconference.no/

SHE thanks you

SHE was originally run solely with the help of volunteers. We are therefore eternally grateful to everyone who helped make SHE a reality, and into what is has become today. Last but not least, we would like to extend a big thank you to the whole community for engaging, attending and sharing – only by continuing this work can we achieve what we all work so hard for – equality, diversity, and closing the gender gap. 

Team SHE

CEO & Founder

Heidi Aven

Heidi Aven is the co-founder of SHE, as well as having founded a series of other companies, with an intrinsic desire to create something new. Heidi has a large network of contacts, and is a strong believer that collaboration is key to achieving success.

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Vice President

Jeanette Grendahl

Jeanette is our Vice President, creating areas for speakers, debate, education, personal growth and networking at SHE Community and SHE Invest.

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Graphic Designer

Siv-Elin Skoglund

Siv-Elin is our Graphic Designer, with a Bachelor in Visual Communication from Deakin University, Australia. She is responsible for marketing and designing upcoming events.

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Head of Communication

Victoria Wæthing

Victoria is our new head of communication and the author our upcoming book “SHE INVESTS”. She has co-written a book about feminism and has previously worked for the communication agency Geelmuyden-Kiese. She holds a master of law and a master of literature.

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Project Manager

Jeanette Carter

Jeanette is an experienced leader, business developer and project manager and runs various projects in SHE Community in order to take SHE to the next level. She also is as a high-impact Business Professional & Coach who works with top executives and ambitious leaders to reach their full personal and professional potential. She is responsible for the SHE Executive Leadership & Mentorship Program, SHE Insigth, the SHE Conference and manages the entire volunteer effort of 100+ people.

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Chair of SHE

Camilla Hagen Sørli

Camilla Hagen Sørli is chair of SHE. Camilla works as marketing manager at PRG Group. She is also chair and co owner of Canica, one of the largest privately owned investment companies in Norway, and sits at the boards for companies such as Komplett, Jernia and The Well.

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Head of partnerships

Ben Christensen

Ben Christensen has been part of the SHE Community since 2015, both as part of the advisory board, SHE Mentor and as a trusted advisor when it comes to strategy, marketing and communication. He has for the past 18 years held several executive positions and is a trusted advisor for brands, agencies and media companies, served on several boards and advisory boards.

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Anna Knudsen

Anna Knudsen has been active in SHE since 2016, working with our different projects and social media. Anna has a bachelor degree in Entrepreneurship and Business from BI, and is the founder and CEO of Momento Education and Sommerfuglen Media.

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Content / Speakers

Anastasia Grevstad

Anastasia joined SHE in 2019 as a project leader for SHE Future that took place at Telenor Hub in November 2019. Besides, she is responsible for speakers and content for SHE Conference. Anastasia has studied International Relations and International business in three counties (France, Norway, and Russia). She has also been working in the Shipping and Pharma industries in Oslo. Right now, Anastasia is combining her passion for SHE Community as a volunteer with her job in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Mentors & Partners


Thina Margrethe Saltvedt

Chief Analyst (Ph.D.), Sustainable Finance

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Katapult Ocean

Maren Hjorth Bauer

CEO and Co-founder of Katapult Ocean

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Arkwright X

Esben Anneberg Poulsen

Head of Arkwright X

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Christin E. Bøsterud

Country Managing Partner at Ernst & Young AS

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Even Vinge

Director, EY Advisory, Data & Analytics

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Ole Kristian Lunde

Head of public relations, EY Norway

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Camilla Andersson

CEO of Privanet (Around)

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Lauga Oskarsdottir

Incubator Manager, StartupLab

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Keynote Speaker

Pellegrino Riccardi

Keynote Speaker on Human Interactions, Moderator and Edutainer

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Aase Settevik

Director of Brand & Communications

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Katapult Accelerator

Haakon Brunell

Managing Partner & co-founder, Katapult Accelerator

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Charlotte Aschim

CEO of TotalCtrl

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Karbon Services AS

Siri Sørstrønen Gyrre

CEO of Karbon Services AS

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Pål T. Næss

Co-Founder SVP Growth Projects, Gelato

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Solvor Øverlien Magi

CEO & Found of Lifeness

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Sandefjord Næringsforening

Marit Sagen Gogstad

CEO of Sandefjord Næringsforening

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Anniken Fjellberg

Co-Founder & Partner of 657

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The Ocean Opportunity Lab

Birgit M. Liodden

Founder & CEO of The Ocean Opportunity Lab

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Nordea Funds

Petter Hermansen

Head of Nordea Funds

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Torgeir Waterhouse

Director of Internet & New Media at IKT-Norge

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Heidi Gjersø Thaulow

Director & Partner at Arkwright Consulting & Arkwright X

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Astrid R Skaugseth

Associate Partner at EY Norway COO

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ABG Sundal Collier

Knut Brundtland

Chairman at ABG Sundal Collier

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CEO of Hurtigruten the worlds largest expedition cruise company.

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The Creators Community

Anders Mjåset

Founder & CEO of The Creators Community

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